Rafał Jakubowicz

Rafał Jakubowicz was born in 1974. A graduate of the Art Education Faculty and Painting, the Graphics and Sculpture Faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, as well as of the Modern Languages Faculty at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (specialisation: Hebrew Studies). Associate professor at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, he runs the Public Space Art Studio at the Faculty of Art Education and Curatorial Studies. Among others, the author of the work Pływalnia / Indoor Swimming Pool (2003) concerning the Poznań synagogue converted into an indoor swimming pool in 1940 which functioned in that capacity up to August 2011. He also co-curated (with Christiane Mennicke-Schwarz, Valentina Marcenaro and Dorota Monkiewicz) the exhibition Vot ken you mach? Sztuka, filmy, koncerty, komiksy, wykłady oraz dyskusje o żydowskiej tożsamości w dzisiejszej Europie / Vot ken you mach? Art, Concerts, Comic Books, Lectures and Discussions on Jewish Identity in Today’s Europe, which took place in Kunsthaus Dresden in 2013, and in the Contemporary Museum in Wrocław in 2015. Most recent exhibitions organised by him include Pedagogika wstydu / Pedagogy of Shame at Miejski Ośrodek Sztuki in Gorzów Wielkopolski (2018), and Pedagogika wstydu II / Pedagogy of Shame II at Galeria Le Guern in Warsaw (2019). Currently, he is researching the topic of Hebrew Language in the Art of Conceptual and Post-conceptual Artists in Israel within the framework of the statutory research of the Art Education and Curatorial Studies Faculty at the Adam Mickiewicz University, financed as a research project by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education through 2016/2018 educational resources.