Paulina Piórkowska

Paulina Piórkowska (1995) – active in the social field through visual arts as an artist, curator, animator and educator. Co-author of the interactive project and zine Dziewczyństwo. A member of the collective Życie na fali organising participatory dancing parties for local communities and others. Since 2017, she has been cooperating with the outsider Galeria TAK in Poznań as a project coordinator and educational workshop instructor. This year, she has participated in the following exhibitions: Dziewczyństwo / GirlihoodBedtime, Gry / Gams, Bloki Animacji / Animation Blocks of Flats, Wakacje z Blokami / Summer Holidays with Blocks of Flats. She is active in bottom-up socially oriented initiatives. She also works as an assistant to people with disabilities.