Adrien Sina

Adrien Sina is a curator, performance art historian, architect & artist. He has curated cross-disciplinary exhibitions involving architecture, performance, video and philosophy: ‘Fugitive Fluctuations’, 1995; ‘TragédiesCharnelles’ & ‘ImmanencesSpatiales’, 2000; ‘Feminine Futures: Performance, Dance, War, Politics and Eroticism’, Performa Biennial, New York, 2009. Through curatorial advisory, theoretical essays or key loans, he has contributed to the historical sections of ‘Art, Lies and Videotape: Exposing Performance’, Tate Liverpool, 2003; ‘Traces of the Sacred’, 2008, ‘Dansersa vie’, 2011, Pompidou Centre; ‘Futurism’, 2009, Tate Modern, ‘Inventing Abstraction’, MoMA, 2013; ‘The Great Mother’, Palazzo Reale Milano, 2015. He was Thinker in Residence at London’s Live Art Development Agency, advisor for ‘PSi #12, Performing Rights Festival’, 2006. Solo exhibitions: ‘Archaeology of Desire’ at t1+2 artspace, London, 2005, ‘Archaeology of Desire II – A history of medical gaze & flesh’, Richard Rogers’ NEO-Bankside Pavilion, London, 2012-2013. ‘Feminine Futures’ was exhibited at The Consortium Contemporary Art Centre, Dijon, 2014. ‘Feminine Futures – The Membrane of the Dream I & II’ were shown at the Museum Langmatt, Switzerland, 2015. Forthcoming publications at the Presses du réel: Marc Allégret, ethno(cine)photography of intimacy – Travels in the Congo, 1926-27, and, following its first edition of 2011, the extended version of Feminine Futures – Avant-garde female artists in the fields of performance & dance through film & photography in six volumes including Futurism, Antique Modernity, European & American Expressionism and Contemporary. He lives and works in London and Paris.